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Wind Makes Weather - Creative Sources


The improvisations were recorded live at the Peter Kowald ORT in Wuppertal on the 18th of June 2014 and represent the synergy and intricate level of communication that can only happen when two improvisers at the top of their game meet in concert. Technically the two alto saxophone players cover the whole gamut of conventional and extended sounds to be created on the instruments and cover a wide spectrum of approaches and styles in addition to a rich and subtle pallet of textures derived from their use of preparations– this is especially so in the case of Wissel’s armory of objects that have been meticulously researched over time to extend the sonic capacity of the alto saxophone. In turn, Wissel’s subtle coloring is met head on by O’Dwyer’s punchy articulated phrasing.


Georg Wissel (Alto Saxophone & Preparations) – LEFT CHANNEL


Tim O’Dwyer (Alto Saxophone & Preparations) – RIGHT CHANNEL

The Fold (Köln Project) - Leo Records



The Fold is an ongoing international collaborative project inspired by the book “The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque” by Gilles Deleuze. In each city that I create The Fold musicians are brought together from different stylistic and cultural backgrounds to simultaneously explore collective composing, collective improvising and collective performing. The project seeks to combine the narratives and personalities of all of the members of the ensemble equally in the creation and presentation of new works. 


"The Baroque invents the infinite work or process. It produces a form of expression, a Gestaltung, the genetic element or infinite line of inflection, the curve with a unique variable." Deleuze 2007.


The Köln Fold:


“Since arriving in Köln I have had the pleasure of playing and meeting a number of special musicians. I am very excited about the people that I have assembled for the ‘Köln Fold’. Coming from diverse back grounds, Bassem Hawar (Djose) and Saad Thamir (Percussion) are originally from Iraq, Carl Rosman (Clarinets) is a permanent member of MusikFabrik and local improviser / composer Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Tuba) will be joining me in performing new compositions created by weaving and folding their styles, personalities and cultures together into a unique and powerful music.”

Hysteresis - UJIKAJI


Tim O’Dwyer makes his debut on Ujikaji Records releasing his third solo studio album: Hysteresis recorded in Cologne, Germany whilst in residence at the Academy of the Arts of the World.


This solo release features the METASAX, a hybrid instrument which combines a playable alto saxophone with mounted controllers on the body connected to software that enable him to process his playing in real-time via the hardware attached to the instrument. The METASAX is an instrument that he uses to “extend the extended techniques of the saxophone.”


The French philosopher Gilles Deleuze describes how the painter Francis Bacon prepared his work without sketches:


This preparatory work is invisible and silent, yet extremely intense, and the act of painting itself appears as an afterward, an après-coup (“hysteresis”) in relation to this work. (Deleuze, 81)


Hysteresis, or the memory of movement found within an object after the shifting forces have left, is in turn a metaphor for the relationship between the acoustic and electronically processed sound of the saxophone….complete with hand-made cd envelopes by Nicole Tomlinson.




The Tim O'Dwyer Trio with Clayton Thomas (Bass), Darren Moore (Drums) and Tim O'Dwyer (Alto and Baritone Saxophones) play free jazz with visceral impact and free-wheeling excitement. John Clare in the Sydney Morning Herald described the experience as: "The three jammed the power on with such severity ...You know the feeling: phwoof! This is great; I wonder if everyone else can feel it. The response showed that they surely could." Since 2004 they have been taking their high energy performances around the globe including the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland; tours of Australia and Japan; the Mosaic Festival in Singapore with a tribute to John Coltrane titled ‘Stella Regions’ featuring Robin Fox and Aya Sekine; the Brave Festival Poland and all of the major jazz festivals in Australia including Jazz:Now at the Sydney Opera House, The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and the Melbourne Jazz Festival. The TOD3 have released two CD's of O’Dwyer’s avante-jazz compositions to critical acclaim on his label Idyll Giant: 'Broken River' and 'Falconry'.


"If you like it when one of the likely lads on SBS cult car show Top Gear has his face re-moulded by acceleration, you might well enjoy the momentum of this trio, led by the buzzing, ripe alto saxophone of Tim O’Dwyer.

In full cry, they perform some rapid rhythmic hopscotch. Then the foot goes right down.


Clayton Thomas’s pulsing bass sometimes roves, as the landscape does on fast bends, and Darren Moore’s drums throw up smashing punctuations. That’s track one. There is another like it. Also some atmospheric electro-acoustic textural play on slower tracks and, despite the starkness, a kind of dry lyricism, some caustic humour and even a sort of objectified nostalgia to go with the grainy Super 8 stills on the sleeve. Most satisfying."

- John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

MULTIPLE - REPEAT - molecular music projects



"MULTIPLE-REPEAT is an exacting and highly conceptual piece. Tim’s playing is as gnarly as ever, but there is a compelling sense of containment and compression in this music. It’s partly a result of the higher-level formal aspects of the piece having been predetermined: the durations of movements, sections, and blocks of silence, the distribution of material within the various movements and sections, the overdubbing density, and the positioning of each of the overdubbed layers in the stereo field. But the sense of the containment also stems from something in the playing. Each of the voices in the mesh of multitracked saxophones is coupled to each of its neighbours through complex forms of feedback and exchange. The relationships are constrained by a tight grammar, but the lines are insurgent, pushing and pulling at the limits of the grammar." – Newton Armstrong, April 2004

"The Mirror Unit, which brings face to face two of the best saxophonists of the improvised stage, is the most beautiful extension of this innovative spirit that I have ever heard in this process: two noses, two reeds two columns of air, keys, two breaths, all led by a total collusion with the help of preparations of the instrument, the alto sax. Tim O'Dwyer and Georg Wissel here create a singular work, a demanding music, voluptuous, radical, inspired. 


Here is a chief work of equal in my opinion, to the excellent collaboration with Evan Parker and Urs Leimgruber, Twins (Clean Feed)....their osmosis whistling and rustling of infra-sounds, breath slag, is staggering .

.......this music is beautiful to listen and listen again and again ... Such a masterpiece could only be recorded at the Peter Kowald Ort in Wuppertal. Pouch decorated with a painting by Turner." - Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

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